Har-Ber Robotics - Season Premiere Teaser

Let us know what you guys think!

Looks great! Reminds me alot of Ri3d, although the X drive is different, as well as the 6 motors. Any plans for hanging? Also, does it score cubes into the far zone?

We have seen the R13d, but this robot is much different. We have just added a lifting mechanism to our robot that works great! Cubes CAN be scored in the far zone. However, the percentage of scoring in the far zone with cubes is much less than the close zone.

We chose to go with a holonomic/x drive because it allows us to move faster around the field. Faster movement means faster scoring. :smiley:

You could also just gear it up for the same speed :stuck_out_tongue:
With a catapult, I think that the main advantage of a holonomic drivetrain is the ability to continue to face one direction as you drive around and score.

Couldn’t agree more. However, we ran into a lot of gearing problems last year. Because of this, we decided not to go that route this season.

Are your drive base motors high speed as well?

I guess we will have to wait for the full reveal, now won’t we? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yes indeed, when are you planning on releasing that?

We do not have a confirmed date as of yet, but I hope to have it up soon. Expect it by the end of October for sure. :smiley:

If anyone wants to see the progression of our robot, check out the timeline on our team website! http://adf.ly/1dF3P4 http://adf.ly/1dF3P4 http://adf.ly/1dF3P4 http://adf.ly/1dF3P4 http://adf.ly/1dF3P4

I like how only 25% of the video has pictures of the robot.
If you only wanted to show 2 pictures, it would probably be easier to just post them here with descriptions.

It is just a teaser to let the community know that a full reveal is on its way. Plus, what is the fun in just uploading pictures? Why not upload them in a cool way to get everyone excited for what is to come?

This is basically my robot lol. X Drive + Catapult with nearly identical builds, mine just has a different gearbox and hanging mechanism, along with a metric butt-ton of sensors

“Metric butt-ton” Lol, I like it. We don’t have any sensors on ours yet, but will soon. That is another reason why this is only a teaser and not the full video. Plus, I just find that editing videos is really fun :3

You can never have too many sensors! At least, until you run out of ports and your code reaches the complexity level where you start breaching the limits of the cortex… But heyyyy, even unconnected sensors look cool!

I can imagine a judge looking at your robot, asking “What’s that sensor for?” And your answer is going to be “We didn’t think our robot had enough sensors on it, so we decided to put more on it not for functionality, but because they look cool. Extra points for more sensors, Right?”

“We needed to move our COM.”