Harber Robotics Starstruck Reveal

As summer is ending, I feel that it is important to share what we have been working on over the summer. The images that you see are part of our most recent prototype. Yes we know that it needs some work, and yes we know that it has a long way to go. This prototype was built in the span of 72 hours, with just over 36 hours of work. Criticism is appreciated. Feel free to give any input!!! Suggestions are always appreciated. Here is to a good season, and we hope to be seeing a lot of you at Worlds! (Hopefully :D)

Why did you go with C channels rather than standoffs for the spatula? Have you run into issues of the spatula being too heavy?

That’s a very interesting robot, and I think it does seem very light and durable :D,
but I have a couple of questions to ask you:

  1. How much does the robot weigh?
  2. Does the spatula intake the stars from any orientation?
  3. Does the robot lift? Because I can see some type of lifting mechanism on it.
  4. Has this robot been tested before you posted the reveal? Because I don’t see any Cortex or pneumatic reservoirs.

We went with C-Channels because it allows us to control the Stars better. However, it also seems to weigh more than we had originally expected. Because of it weighing so much, the robot tilts. This is our next challenge that we plan to overcome.

  1. ~7.56 Pounds
  2. Yes, but it is more efficient of you intake with a single star prong sticking out.
  3. No, the lifting mechanism is used to change the vertical height of the fork lift.
  4. The robot has been manually tested. We have not fully tested it yet do to the breaking of High Strength Gears with the current configuration.

That’s a light robot! I haven’t weighed ours, but it’s like 15-25 Ibs(A bit heavy for lifting, but we somehow make it work). I should probably remove any un-needed metal on the robot to lower the weight and increase the speed of the lift. For #3, That’s very interesting :), are you planning on having a lift in the future? Thanks for answering the questions I’ve asked, and I hope the robot will be awesome once you make it work :smiley:

Do you have any videos of it in use?

Sounds like my kind of work schedule. :slight_smile:

Winter break was fun last year…

Is it just me, or does the robot look like its hovering?!

It may or may not be a bit “front-heavy” hahaha

Not yet, we are ordering new parts atm. Once we get the working prototype finished, I will be sure to post a video. :smiley:

With this particular prototype, we will not have a lift. We plan to have a lift integrated into our competition design later on in the year.