Hard to turn motor

There is a motor in our chassis that is harder to turn than the others. I have checked the interior gearing and I think the motor is just harder to turn by nature. Does this affect the speed the motor turns at when power is applied? Or is it just because I am turning it manually? The motor is modded to high speed (like all the others).

You probably have an issue with broken gear teeth inside the motor. Check all 4 gears; make sure there are no damaged or missing teeth.

@Barin There’s nothing wrong with the interior of the motor… Could it just be the motor itself?

It could also be shorted wires

Shorted wires wouldn’t cause a mechanical problem like being abnormally hard to turn.

It’s possible. Every time we’ve had problems with an abnormally hard to turn motor it’s been because of the gears inside though.

So we had this problem a while back, where we took all of the gears out and replaced them and the motor was still extremely hard to turn, We came to conclusion that it was the motors itself. This motor was on our drive, in the end we replaced the motor

If the wires are shorted it creates a braking effect.

Some motor drivers are able to intentionally short the wires to ground in order to “brake” a motor rather than allowing it to coast.

Definitely try checking all your wires, we had a problem like this with our claw a couple weeks ago, and it was because the wires had been damaged as well.

I don’t believe VEX motors work this way. My understanding is that they will always ‘brake’ – to achieve the target speed of 0 – without power. 393s also don’t coast.

With that said, shorted wires can kill motor controllers and ports 1 and 10 quickly and easily, so make sure you don’t have those either.

Do you have a hand crank generator, or something similar? If you do, try spinning it with no load. Then, connect the two outputs together and try to spin it. The no-load test should have little to no resistance, while the shorted test will have significant resistance.

It has nothing to do with “how the motors work” and everything to do with how the motor controllers/drivers/h-bridges/whatevery-you-want-to-call-them work.
When you set a motor to “0” it coasts to a stop or to put it another way it’s in “neutral”
We don’t have the capability to “brake” the motors with the motor controller 29, although it would be quite nice if we could to prevent backdriving.

I stand corrected.