Harder Pins

They fall off after bending to make workable(When already bent) with brain. Make them stronger so they stay the same and don’t bend or break.:mad:

Yes, that may happen, just like how you may bend a connection and ruin a motor wire. But it is something that can be avoided with care.

Also, please use official terms on the forum. We usually call them cortexes or microcontrollers. Brains are too colloquial, well, in my team.:wink:

Well sometimes my team calls collars Cheerios… Soooo

By ‘pins’ I think he is talking about IQ… I remember the pilot program where our intake fell off of our arm a couple of times…

Our current middle schoolers have complained a lot about the issue of pins breaking, and I think that they would agree that, as VEX would call it, high strength pins are necessary.

Actually, he is talking about the pins to connect regular Vex electrical components, not vex IQ structural pins.

After coming from LEGO Mindstorms, the pin system vex uses seems pretty lame. It is because these pin connections take up very little space and are small, but still, if they could be small and strong (how about like the solenoid connections? Something new?) that would be better.

Vex is NEVER going to change their whole wire system, but what about changing the battery situation?

Darn… Now I feel really stupid. First thing I though of when I read ‘brain’. But yeah, the pins on the electrical connections could use some work. My team has had to swap out at least 4 motors on our robot… 3 of which were at a competition, and one of those at worlds. Not fun.