Has anyone else ever heard of realplayer

realplayer is a multimedia player that can burn cds, play music, browse the internet, and search for video on the internet
it would be better if it was on a faster computer but my dad wont let me
anyways if anyone else likes it let me know i got version 10

You might want to read this article:

Real Player has had a TON of problems over the years with embedded spyware and adware, and continues to suffer from these problems even today. As such, I would strongly suggest against using Real Player. Some better choices (IMHO) for multimedia/entertainment on your computer are

iTunes 7
[Windows Media Player 11

I personally use iTunes since I have an iPod, and because I like the cross-compatibility of being able to run it on both the Windows and Mac computers at my house, especially with the Shared Playlists feature. Right now I’m listening to music from my Windows XP desktop on my Mac, all through iTunes.](http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/default.mspx)

real player is great for uploading songs to mp3 players, i keep forgetting to download it to my new laptop:cool:

i have real player but i dont use it i just use itunes and barly windows mediaplayer

I buy my “tunes” from Rhapsody, which is from Real Networks and uses Real Player Technology. But I strongly recomend using the K-Lite Codec Pack, rather than installing all the indivual Audio Video viewers and players.

I have downloaded realplayer, but i almost never use it. I had to download it to watch some of the videos from another team’s website.

Realplayer is really bad!

lol i cant say its that bad, but it’s ok

Install the K-Lite Codec Pack, then you have the Real Player Codec (the part that Decodes the videos) and use another player…

im downloading K-Lite Codec Pack now, does it have converters for avi to swf, wmv to swf, etc…?

I have not checked… I mainly use it for viewing Audio/Video… I have seen that a lot of the Decoding is done using the FFDSHOW Decoder, and I know that the Bundled Player, “Media Player Classic”, wil play FLV (AKA SWF) files.

K-Lite Codec Pack is mainly the Encode and Decoders. You will need to locate a Front End program, to Decode the AVI and WMV and then Encode the data to SWF.

Have you done any searches for AVI to SWF on the Internet??

I found CamStudioand Screen Capture Studio in the first couple of pages of a Search, with AVI to SWF at SourceForge. SourceForge hosts only Open Source projects, so you won’t have to spend any money.

I think You-Tube will convert the formats for you…

youtube? ill try that

i have CamStudio, thats what im using, but instead of making an .swf im using windows movie maker, making my video tutorials (oops i said too much :rolleyes:) look cool, and so i can narrarate them, then i just embed the .wmv into my website