Has anyone else had this problem?

Has anyone else had problems with the rubber on the rollers of the large omni-directional wheels splitting?

I was working on designing a robot chassis last night using the large omni-directional wheels when I noticed a split in the rubber at one end of a roller. I took a minute or two to check out my wheels to see what was going on and I found 5 or 6 rollers on each of the 2 wheels I had with splits of varying degrees in the rubber. The splits were all at one of the ends on the molded seam of the rubber.

I have 2 sets of the large omni-directional wheels so I checked the other set, but I didn’t see any splits on them.

I was surprised because I haven’t used the wheels that much and I just got them last year. I bought one set when they first came out in May or June and I got the other set for Christmas.

I didn’t think the rubber on the rollers should be splitting and was just wondering if anyone else has noticed the same problem.

Were they actually split in half? There is a seem in the rubber that can be seen. It looks like a line but the roller is still together.

A picture of the split would be very helpful if possible.

Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, but I had to go to the doctor’s this afternoon.

They aren’t split in half - none of the splits are that bad yet.

I know the seam in the rubber that you are talking about and they do look like a dark line. That’s where these splits are - they are just little splits at the ends of the rollers though. But, you can actually tell that the rubber is splitting there.

No one else has posted a response yet so maybe I’m the only one having this trouble.

Take a picture and submit it to the vex tech support forum. They should be able to replace them.