Has anyone gone to worlds without a coach?

Has anyone done this before? Is it a challenge?

We did last year as we could not find a professor on time to go with us, so we just made the team coach (another student) in charge. We are VEXU though.

We have a team without a coach dabs cries

same dabs cries oof

I’ve never had a coach and I’ve gone to nats or worlds every year for the last 4 years with no issue. I honestly don’t mean to target any specific coaches, but from conversations I’ve had with a bunch of competitors I get the sense coaches are sometimes more of a burden than a benefit. Just use common sense and make sure your team dynamic is such that you don’t need a mediator (subdivide roles, allocate specific people to scouting, keep your team small, etc.) and there isn’t an issue. Good luck!

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Some of my friends way back in Sack Attack went without a coach. Their coach had to go to FIRST World’s the week after. So we helped them get their stuff in and get settled for World’s.

By the time you get to worlds, you really shouldn’t need a coach. However, I am assuming you’ll have adults with you so you can get a hotel room, get around, and get fed and stuff. So, no, a coach is not imperative but I’d recommend having at least one responsible adult.

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I’ve done an event without a coach, and it went perfectly well. The only issue could be if the EP asks that all “coaches” retrieve schedules or something, and you have to explain yourself. Not exactly fun, but you’ll get through it.

Besides, even when I did have a coach, I was doing a lot of the “coaching” for my sister teams anyway. In one specific example, we were watching a match together, and he told me about a suggestion he wanted to make to the Driver. I suggested making it to non-driving drive team for reasons, and he did so.

Not having a coach won’t really hurt you unless you’ve been heavily reliant on one throughout the season. In which case… you know what you need to do.