Has anyone noticed that IQ is having the most problems with parts

ive been seeing a lot of threads from IQ that is having problems with parts. anyone else noticing this trend too

It may be that it’s an earlier entry point for robotics, so the adults & students have less experience and have more to learn.

The season is just starting for many teams, so I would attribute the increase to timing more than equipment.


Tru tru. Isnt iq like younger. Like below high school

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Yes, the IQ Competition covers students between Elementary and Middle School.

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I believe that will make much more sense cause they dont have as much experience with it

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When I was in IQ my team always struggled with all of the pieces because they are plastic, and there aren’t any screws (that I know of) just those pieces that pop into holes

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Three things with IQ is

  1. the parts are really well made to tight tolerances. I equip my teams with needle nose pliers and a small screwdriver to help taking parts apart. This is a big “flap” year and those parts are very hard to get out.

  2. So many parts! What to choose? I highly recommend getting this https://www.vexrobotics.com/advancedcornerconnector.html kit to help. There is a ton of “left/right” connectors that make your build go faster.

  3. It really stretches mental 3D positioning with roboteers. The fact that some parts are asymmetrical makes them really useful, but makes it hard thinking about how they get turned around.