Has anyone taken a look at the new FRC game "Aerial Assist?"

I’m curious what people think of the game, if anyone took a look. I find that the VEX community has some different views than the FRC one when it comes to game design. I’ve read the manual cover to cover three or four times now over the last week, and I’m interested to have a conversation about it.

So, if you were (or are) doing FRC this year, what would you build? I’m thinking a catapult with belts to bring objects up seems like a good idea. Stay in the middle zone, get someone to pass you a ball for 10 points over the Truss for a 20 point boost. Catch and throw it into a high goal for another 20 points. That’s 30-40 points a ball, depending if you catch it, and leaves you with only needing one competent partner in an alliance of 3. Best case, one of them can go play defense on the opposing alliance, or they can work in tandem to quickly supply the throwing robot with more balls.

The game seems like it’s more driver focused than anything else. I’m really not sure what to make of it. The lack of opportunity to build massive wallbots is frustrating, but understandable. The 10 second programming period is too short to do fun things with your Autonomous routine. Having only one scoring object is a strange option, but not impossible to play around. It’s just going to be different compared to VEX games like Sack Attack and Gateway, or even Toss Up which has what we considered to be a lack of game objects to play with. I’m interested to see how the season plays out.

The thing I like about VRC games compared to FRC is that they are simple to understand. Take Sack Attack: you were able to understand the entire game (including point values) in under 2 minutes. I still do not understand how Aerial Assist is scored, with reading the manual twice.

Well for scoring.
Its 10 points for scoring and then a but load of more points for ever unique robot/ zone combination.

Pretty much shooting is hard but worth little points while catching is annoying and inefficient in a time sense but worth more points than everything else.

This is what I saw on CD, and what I thought after watching the video.

During operator control, if you pass the game object to a robot in a different zone on the alliance before you score, you get 10 points. If you pass it to another robot in the third zone, that’s another 10 points. If you throw the ball over the truss, that’s 10 points. If you catch the ball, that’s 10 more points. If you score it in a high goal, all those point bonuses are added with a 10 point base score for hitting the high goal, for a maximum single score of 60 points. If the ball is scored in a low goal, you can get the 50 bonus points, but only one point for the final scoring maneuver, for a theoretical maximum of 51 points.

That… probably makes sense. If not, the video is pretty good.

Tabor, you don’t need to catch the ball to pull off an “assist.” You just have to push it to your partner in the next zone. A team of 3 wicked fast pushbots could score 21 points really quickly.

Still need to score 3 balls for every 1 that 3 inefficient robots can score.

inefficient in terms of goals per minute rather than points

Ive thought about scaling the game down to VRC levels and using that as an “off season” event for Vex. (off season meaning the time between the last competitions and worlds for those teams not qualified)

Personally, I really love this game. From a strategic standpoint, there’s a whole lot of depth that is going into this game. Another thought is that if you have a bad alliance partner at a district or regional event or even Championships it’s going to really suck.

If I was competing in FRC this year, probably would’ve tried to go from the bot my team did for Rebound Rumble and make a lot of improvements.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but couldn’t two robots passing a ball back and forth across the truss the whole match rack up a lot of points. 20 points on each pass. No need to score in goals then, you could pass the whole match away.

Not exactly. First of all, you don’t get the point for passing until you complete a cycle. Secondly, there’s a maximum number of passing bonuses per cycle. Pass it twice (using all 3 robots), and you’ve got the 30 point bonus upon completing the cycle.

But do you need to complete the cycle if you throw/pass over the truss?

Yes. A cycle is not complete until the exercise ball is scored in either one of the low goals, or the high goal.

I think. Someone, please correct me if I’m wrong here.

^Correct. That ball has to be scored somehow. Throwing it over the truss just counts as bonus points.

Okay, thanks for the clarification guys.:slight_smile: