Has anyone tried to make a biped robot from vex parts?

Has anyone tried to make a biped robot from vex parts? I have seen some bipeds on the lynxmotion site looks challenging.:cool:

first wat is a biped

A biped is something that walks on two feet/legs. We are bipeds. Unless you’re a mutant of course:).

Check these out:cool:


yea i have seen thoes an they look like they are hard to make

trust me, making a balanced biped is very hard. meaning, it wont tip over

I think with the right system and joints it is probably possible, I dont have the spare parts to try but I’d like to see someone try.

The problem is not so much making a biped that will move. It’s making one that can navigate in different terrains and do things other than just walk around. I’f all a robot with two leg can do is walk slowly on a shop floor what good is it? If you haven’t already, go look at ASMO ( I think that’s right). His devolpers have had to poured millions of dollars into getting him to preform simple tasks like walking up and down stairs and kick a ball. Now don’t let that get your hopes down, nothing is impossible, but I think that making a practical bipedal motion robot out of vex would take ALOT of trial and error before you had something to show for your work.

I am in the process of making one I started yesterday and I got the upper body working
I’ll keep you posted on any progress

Awesome:D :smiley: :smiley:

Bad are you trying to build one yourself too?

Heck no. Just kidding. I am working on the legs, and how to get them to move.:smiley:

I have one built but it doesn’t balance very well because the motors are kinda jerky when it walks.

Yea I am kinda having the same problem. if you have the programer see if you can slow down the servo speed.