Has EasyC been Discontinued?!?

While at a recent Vex competition for my school, my team was having programing issues. The vex officals helped fix the problem by using RobotC, my team was using EasyC. The Vex officals went on to explain that EasyC for cortex was outdated and wont be reciving updates due to RobotC being better. My school already has EasyC V4 installed on aproxamatley 20+ computers. I would like to know if what I was told is true.

EasyC V4 is no longer supported as EasyC V5 for Cortex was released a while back. As for whether or not Vex will continue to support EasyC as a product in general in the future is uncertain. The school I mentor uses EasyC V5 and has yet to run into any issues with programming or field control.

As far as I know easyC is still being actively developed by intelitek. Although I am referring to easyC 5

easyC is still available, and intelitek remains a strong partner of VEX Robotics.

I don’t know what “VEX officials” gave you this information, but it is inaccurate.