Has the wiki been archived

I wanted to redirect someone to a page in the wiki this morning, but we have lost it. Did anyone make a mirror of the site before it was removed? Is the content archived anywhere? Will it be made available again?

So I do see some of the old information on the product pages.

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What page?

Specifically I was looking for the power expander page. About 50% of the information from the old wiki is now on the power expander product page, just not everything.

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Are any of these right?

Well, sort of. I thought we had pictures of the wiring in the old one, perhaps not. The link to my schematic doesn’t work, but it’s better than nothing.

So the wiki is still there, just not linked, you can find it if you search on “wiki” on the vex robotics home page.

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As noted earlier in this thread, most particular product information has been transferred from the Wiki to the specific product pages. We did this with the intention of phasing out the Wiki. So to answer the question, a mirror of the site was not made, nor was it archived. We will continue to put all additional information only on product pages for the foreseeable future. Sorry for any inconveniences that this may cause.


I think there should continue to be a community-driven resource such as a wiki. I like that the product information is being consolidated onto the product page, but that doesn’t necessitate the phasing out of the wiki. It’s an invaluable resource that has been greatly contributed to by community members.

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I appreciate your point of view and actually agree with you; but the usage numbers don’t agree with us. The wiki was not heavily edited or trafficked. Unfortunately it also had a large amount of out-dated information which confused new users.

While a community resource like that may be appropriate, we don’t think it makes sense for us to host any “official” content there, and as such discontinued it as one of our web offerings going forward. This change (along with the forum migration) is allowing us to fix some stuff on the back-end of our web. We’re excited to have made these transitions, and believe they will better position us to do exciting stuff moving forward. (Please remember, everything is iterative – and we will continue to improve things as we go along).

If you have specific contributions you think would improve the information on our official pages, please pass them along to support@vex.com.


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Here’s the right link to the PDF:

Ok, thanks, obviously I have the schematic as I created it. Guess we could move some of the more useful material to Bots’n’Stuff or someplace else, not really a high priority though.