Have Gift Excanges At Tourments

That Way We Can Get More Vex Things.the Only Reason I’m Is Because I’m New…thanks Robo-boy

lol like christmas at every tournament! :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you think the “gifts” would be? For example most teams bring keychaines or buttons/pins/ to trade give away.

I think he ment vex parts.

What do you mean by gift exchanges, like every team bring something of theirs and put it somewhere and each team draw something randomly. And do mean like just parts or sponsor stuff or stuff that has the team name on it?

that would be cool but i am not in competion it should be determined by who won and who got second and so on

ya like prizes!

ill just stick with trading buttons and beads:)


buttons and beads just are not vex lol:D

But if you are new and you can’t afford many parts why would you buy parts to give to someone else? i am perplexed by this thought. If you want more Vex parts just go buy them instead of wasting money giving them to someone else.

Yeah, that is true, but like the FRC, the free swag should also be in the FVC events, its cool to have stuff from every team, Tmaxxguy tried to get any free swag he could get his hands on. They are cool little nic-nacs to collect, like team 1086, they had beads and pins.

I think the piont would be that your team drops any unneeded/unwanted parts in and can take needed/wanted parts of similar value back out. Therefore it is like a trade, and if you dont like anything you don’t put anything in the bin…
Just my thought…:smiley:

actually we already do that, but only if we need something. For example, our robot at the Exhibit on march 2 at VCU, broke one of the teeth off our gears and we needed another one to replace it and we didn’t have anymore, so we asked for another and 1086 was kind enough to GIVE us one, We would do the same, the people in the VEX community are really frendly. We actually should have given 1086 something back.

OH, I didn’t know… never been to a turnament… it sounds like a lot of fun :smiley: