Have the FVC(FTC)??

Has fvc(whatever it is now) ever played this song during a competition
eiffel 65(now bloom 06)-Silicon world or europop
they are both like techno and pretty good and
i have song on my computer and it can probably be found on youtube
never been to competition but might go to one within the next 1-3 yrs
:smiley: cause im taking robotics and automation technology at bctc this yr and the first day is the 28th for my school
i cant wait:rolleyes:
another great one for competition is hyperlink

Do you know rage against the machine?

oh yeah they have pretty good songs
killing in the name of
matrix theme song
thats all know but they’re good

yeah they are from my hometown, irvine CA. My friend had dinner with the lead singer zach de la rocha once.

whoa u got a lucky friend:D

One time i was at Fry’s electronics and on the big tv in the front of the store there was a music concert playing and it was just a bunch of robots playing drums. They weren’t like humaniods, just mechanical levers and stuff hitting the drums. they were quite good. anyone seen that before?

Not sure…

Fry’s seems to have the DVD’s available for sale at the Desk beneath the Large TV. I got my Blue Man Group DVD that way…

For those of you who have no Fry’s, the closest thing I have seen on the East Coast is the Micro Center Stores.