Having past VRC games return?

Would you be happy to see a season where the game is from some years ago? Personally, I’d be delighted if v4 games and early v5 games, where we were only allowed 6 motors if we used pneumatics, return. Also building a massive lift has always been one of my dreams in vex lol. I started in 2018 so I never really got to. I’d love Skyrise to return.
EDIT: to clarify, all the robot rules would stay the same as they are today. So we’d be able to build competition bots for past games with v5 and pneumatics. That’d be really cool.

While it’s a good idea, I think that people would easily just take the meta from those past games and remake them. Even if it’s with the new system, the entire year is just going to be who’s better at the meta which is sort of boring. Secondly, I don’t think the people who run vrc are going to want to redo games in terms of a logistical sense. The old field parts are mostly hard to come by, and the ones being sold on the website are probably just leftover inventory. Vex (idk which specific organization) also needs to make a profit, so re-using a game wouldn’t be able to maximize profits. Finally, they want to make people look forward and be energetic about vex, and re-using games doesn’t really accomplish that. I remember in my earlier years when I was new, the enthusiasm that I had for the new game when it came out was out of the roof simply because it’s a new game. I know the feeling of wanting to go back in time and re-play some favorite vex games, but I think the past is the past and we should cherish it for what it was, not what it can be.


I agree some of the past games look really cool i feel like people would just copy the robots that were made as everything ins on youtube so there would not be much innovation and thinking involved in the robot desighns which is kinda the whole pointe of vex.

@TimmyOsborne @ezl That makes sense. But I do feel like some of the past games still have lots of potential and with newer technology games like skyrise could be played at a much higher level. Anyhow, I guess this is just an unrealistic reverie of mine.


I feel like if VEX were to do this, they should have an international tournament each off-season like the Summer Games. That way teams won’t feel pressured to compete and can spend more time preparing for the competition without needing to split time between 2 games/seasons.