Having someone to help during skills from mentor to load disks as a one-man team

I am a one-man team which kinda sucks. In robot skills, I have a route that only involves me, and one that doesn’t. By that I mean match loads through the loader thing. Unless I do a juggling act during skills, it’s impossible to do my driver skills alone. I know that there was a rule in tower takeover permitting one-man teams to have a mentor do the match loads or the equivalent idk I was doing IQ at the time soooo. The question is, can i bring a mentor to help do the match loads?

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You might want to post it in the official Q&A… so that you can get the official reply and show it to the referees during tournaments.


The only thing you are permitted is to add a member to your team that satisfies the definition of “Student”. The member may not have an active role in another team.

It is a good opportunity to extend your network of friends.