Having trouble finding resources besides API to learn. Any suggestions?

Very new to vexcode and c++. I’ve found some resources like a few youtube videos and theres the VCS and Vexcode API, but other than that, I can’t find anything else. The API and youtube videos are only helpful to a certain point, so I need some more thorough stuff. If all else fails, I might have an actual person I can borrow to help me, so I should be fine, but it’d be nice to have more in-depth online stuff to get me really going

Any help is appreciated

You should probably start by downloading VEXcode V5 Block and go through all of the functions so you can a bit of practice and knowledge about the library VEXcode provides to you.
After you’ve completely understood how the VEXcode library works, then you could just translate them to their C++ equivalent.
The API really is only for reference if you don’t understand how a function works or if you’re trying to find something specific.

fair. i’ll give that a shot

it’s probably for the best because it’ll save me time and suffering