Having trouble in setting up a new tournament on Mac

Hi guys, I am recently helping to setup a tournament for practices on my Mac with vr. Monterey. While I download the latest version of the VEX tournament manager (2021_22.2.0), I failed to create a new tournament database. A message “the tournament manager server is not running on my computer” has shown up on my screen. I remember a few months ago I was able to do it but it’s not working for now. Could someone help me through this? Many thanks!

The current version of TM relies on the system installation of Python, which was removed in Mac OS Monterey 12.3

In practice, I have been able to connect to a remote server, as it looks like it’s just the field controller software that’s out of date, but I haven’t found a way to make this version work as a host computer for TM.

Hopefully this should get fixed in an update.


Yup Python removal threw a monkey wrench in MacOS universe.

I hope DWAB gets that fixed, they have been good at fixing these changes by Apple, and in the long run it makes more stable distribution.

@Eddie_T Welcome to VEXforum! In the future, best not to bring up same concern on three different topics (one you created). Once is usually enough, you have lots of helpful people here on the forum.


What’s interesting is that TM already packages a version of Python that would be suitable, but the field controller drivers instead rely on the system installation. I imagine VEX would need to provide an update version of the drivers.

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Now I am curious, because I have coded in python with some python libraries recently. If you were to try and reinstall python to the system, if there is a way to do this, would this fix the issue?

Don’t think so. The shared object file for the controllers includes python from /System/Library which is not modifiable.

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Ya, I really hope so. I was worried about there was something wrong in my computer. Thank you so much for explaining the issue.

Thank you for the reminder. I was worried about to host the upcoming event by this week while handling this problem. Luckily I borrowed another computer with Window 10 as an alternative to be the host. Hope DWAB would get that fixed soon.

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