Hawaii State Championship

The very first Hawaii State VEX Championship will be held today and will be streamed online.
Here is the link to the page:

All we’re seeing is “Initializing Live Steam… please wait” until it tells us an error has occurred, and to try reloading the video.

Is anyone getting a stream?

I’m getting the same thing but I thought it was my home-made Ethernet cable :smiley:

Well, I just realized we’re idiots. It’s 8:20 in Hawaii, and the first match isn’t scheduled to start until 9:15. And that’s assuming they’re running on time, which competitions we attend never seem to. I guess they could show Skills right now, but we could also learn to wait.

So, I’ve got an hour to kill. Ignore that last post.

EDIT: And something is running. This should be fun. And I like the top-down camera angle. That’s by far our favorite thing to see in match videos.

Well, the stream is live, but of course nothing’s happening yet…

Edit: But there are some nice looking fields to stare at. :smiley:

working for me too.

Well, it has started…

Recap of the Hawaiian Kids performance in the State Championship:

15-0 in matches, Tournament Champs & Finalist, Driver’s skills winners, Programming skills winners, Excellence Award, and all three teams that participated qualify for the VEX World Championship in Anaheim California!

Does anyone happen to have any recorded video of the finals?

There are logs of it on the livestream site. All 9 hours of the competition.

Thanks, I didn’t know livestream saved past videos.

Love the announcer!

just like they were ~ a month ago, 359A is far ahead of the competition.

Lots of good competition and autonomous ideas to test out now though ^^