HB-25 Motor Controller with VEX


I would like to know if anybody could help me incorporate and program the HB-25 motor controller with the VEX microcontroller.

Here is the HB-25 documentation


Here is a picture of the motor controller:

The way I understand it, the only thing you have to do is plug in a PWM cable from one of the Motor Ports to the HB-25 controller, reset the controller in the code, and send one pulse to activate the controller.

This is what has to happen in the C code:
*]Set motor port pin to output
*]pause 5 miliseconds to initialize the controller
*]Pulse 150 to stop motor
*]wait 20 ms until the code starts

All help is much appreciated.


I’ve not used the HB-25, but I have successfully used similar speed controllers with the Vex, including the SyRen10, SyRen25 and the much larger RoboteQ AX 3500. I didn’t need to do anything specially and simply plugged them into the motor ports on the Vex.

Hope this helps.