HD Sprockets - Request to offer these parts for purchase

Hello VEX staff.

We use a large number of small sprockets from the Heavy Strength Sprocket and Chain kit. Specifically the 6 tooth and the 12 tooth sprockets. Like the HD gears (part #276-2251) that are sold separate from the kit we are requesting that VEX make the small sprockets available without purchasing a complete kit of sprockets and chain.

Any chance VEX can offer a 6-pack or a 4-pack of small sprockets?

Having looked at many robots this season I do not believe we are alone in needing these small sprockets. At $39.99 for a complete kit, we have purchased some kits this year merely to get 4 additional sprockets.

Thanks for all that you do.

NOTE: As suggested by another member - can this be moved to the VEX NEW PRODUCT IDEAS FORUM PLEASE.

We use 6-tooth sprockets a lot on our robots as well, so the larger sprockets just sit in our parts box, waiting…

We run out of these sprockets a lot and can’t afford to just buy new kits so we end up just changing our idea around.

Same here, I think it would be a good idea for VEX to reconsider the ratio of small-large sprockets in their kits.

Agreed, it would be awesome if we could buy different size sprockets separately so we wouldn’t have to waste money…or we could possibly post a thread for people to buy or trade for necessary parts with other Vex teams

That would be a great addition to the vex store. I am always short of small HS sprockets as well.

I agree. They work great for not only powering things, but connecting sensors to chains and as tensioners.

Maybe if we get enough people to comment on this thread, the people at Vex will decide to release a pack of small sprockets…it would honestly save teams a lot of money, and I’m sure if it was released, plenty of people would purchase them.

I personally will need a lot of 18t hs sprockets this year. It would be nice if VEX did sell bulk of each type of hs sprockets, and hs gears.

“Bulk packs of single sprockets” is definitely on the list of potential product releases.

We’ve talked about this in the past. However, we are constantly trying to balance the availability of individual parts with the practicality of carrying that many SKUs from the business standpoint. It does not make sense for us to have a warehouse full of items which no one buys.

Typically, Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for an item is (3,000 kits) so we try to only order items which we know will sell about this much in a reasonable period of time.

I’m personally not convinced that these individual sprocket kits will justify us carrying them. That said, we may carry them anyway as a service to our customers. (We do that, sometimes. :))

One of the difficult parts of this discussion is that every time I ask someone “which size sprocket is the most important for us to carry” I get a different answer. Some people always run out of the small sprockets. Some people always run out of the big sprockets. There appears to be no “favorite” sprocket size.

Thanks all of you for the feedback. I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer at this time. It is definitely something we’re considering launching.


Our teams have an abundance of large sprockets that we don’t use and are usually short of the two smallest sizes of the high strength sprockets that are offered, the six tooth and twelve tooth.

Offering these in individual sizes or at least splitting the products into two size ranges: large sprockets, 24 and 30 tooth; and small sprockets, 6, 12 and 18 tooth would make it more affordable so you only order what you need without having to pay for sprockets that you don’t use.

I may be wrong but it seems like 6 12 and 18 are used the most. My team has bought 3 high strength sprocket and chain kits and have yet to use the other two sprockets in any of our builds or even designs. I think that at the very least vex should sell these in a separate pack even if it was only until they got totally individual sprockets for sale.

If anybody in the Mississauga area is willing to offer some big sprockets ( 30-tooth and 24-tooth) for something in exchange than feel free to email me at
kamran_c @live.ca

Lego/Technic used-resale market is a billion times bigger, with inventories in the 10ks of SKUs. They have a whole infrastructure with prebuilt websites and inventory control, pricing (each and per lot) etc, for their hundreds of resellers.

One way to solve this problem is if the Vex community could find a Lego reseller who is:

  • interested in Vex also,
  • knows enough programming to hack their own Lego website inventory to add Vex stock
  • naive enough to think they could make money buying Vex gear/sprocket sets and breaking them up for resale

Someone may have registered/camped on appropriate website names for something like this.

I think that just like companies like lego and people like that who make many parts, vex should offer buying parts seperately, perhaps a bit pricier than bulk, but people would like it if they could get any part and a quantity. Perhaps even a price break at over 100 and over 500 quantity?