Heading no work

heading no work with inertial sensor

( top 10 sads ) :frowning:

samd :frowning:


Could you explain your problem more?

It’s very hard to help with this as the only information.

Henry 344E


If you’re using your inertial sensor during autonomous and it’s not working, try to see if your inertial sensor is calibrating correctly or if it’s calibrating it at all. One way to check if it’s calibrating correctly, is by checking your devices on the brain screen and see how the inertial sensor is setting it’s reference points. Realize that minor drifts such as 0.01 is usual in most cases (at least for me), but anything that is obviously too much probably means your inertial sensor is bad. If your want to auto calibrate during autonomous, always give your robot at least a second or two with a wait or sleep command.

If none of these tips help, try looking through the vex forum for a solution best fit for your specific problem, whatever that may be.

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