Heading to Dallas again this year!

Well I just got back from my two regional competitions these past tow weekends. I returned with two tournament champion awards, and a programming skills, robot skills, excellence, and judges awards! I am going to Dallas again this year so be sure to come check out my bot! I have posted a few videos on youtube

[Vex Clean Sweep Team 1190 Semi-Final Round With A Perfect Score! - YouTube

The reason I am posting this on here is I am a one man team and I found out last year that I had very little time to go scouting other teams so when alliance selection came around I had no one in mind to pick. So this year I am determined to be prepared. Thanks for looking and Good Luck to everyone and see you all at Worlds!](Vex Clean Sweep Team 1190 Semi-Final Round With A Perfect Score! - YouTube )

Nice robot and good driving. Come by and say hi at Worlds – just look for the safety-green t-shirts.

looks pretty good. one of the better tread bots i have seen. i like the expansion right out of the gate, definitely a big help for your capacity. I would definitely come over and take a look at this if i get a chance at Dallas. I too am a one man team and it seems like you understand how difficult that is especially at a big tournament like Dallas. I hope i get to see this thing though.


One of the better? I think this is one of the best. It’s the most efficient. The only thing I would critique is speed, but even then, it cleared the field…which is no small feat.

i am gonna stick with one of the better. speed is definitely one of the weaker points. I think there is a possibility that this thing will be blocked at worlds. Yes it did clear the field which is a big accomplishment however there wasn’t too much competition there (i think i saw 2 footballs put back over the wall by the opposing alliance).

I really like the way the bucket expands immediately at the start of the match. The intake is pretty quick, the back wall of treads is a big help there. i like the mechanism that you use to guide the balls from the top of the treads back into the bucket, it is like a flapper on the top of the front treads. Pretty big capacity.

overall i like it a lot. I think that it is a solid clean sweep robot. I don’t think a robot is ever really finished (i have been tweaking my robot since i finished the bulk of construction in early January) i would be interested to see some more technical pictures as opposed to the “overview” picture.


one of the best tank tread intakes ive seen
and good job on the drivers skill
i think you could have gotten more over/spared more time if you did another path for it?
i think it struggled at the orange balls on the wall
i will definitely check out your robot at words
see you there :wink:

Yes guys thanks for all the comments! I also am still tweaking it to get better on the little things that you are talking about as I am well aware of them. I am just trying to find a good balance with the speed vs capacity thing. I do believe that capacity is definitely worth more than being fast. That was actually my very first robot skills run as I had little time to practice for it as I was still working on my bot til one that morning. I have fixed the problem with the orange balls on the wall and I can easily knock them off. About the blocking issue, it really is the worst possible strategy that there is. If anyone builds a robot solely for blocking they are wasting their time. First of all they better hope they get a good partner and then they better hope that the other team don’t get the bright idea to dump the balls out the back of the ring. At my Cleveland regional my basket took at least 8 seconds to dump (now it takes less than 3 seconds and can hold 15 footballs or prolly around 30 green balls) and the teams just though well I will just block him when he dumps. So why they were worried about blocking they didn’t have time to pick up balls and score and I cleaned my side and by throwing them out the back. At Cleveland there was a lot more competition and me and team 1103, who will also be at worlds, cleaned our side every time. Good luck to everyone and I will be sure to come check out all you guys’ booths!

to DinerKid:
Yes it is quite hard as a one man team. Last year I believe I had a really good bot its just I didn’t know anyone and knew little about the other teams. I am determined to learn about other teams who just have the same passion and desire to win as I do. The best advice I can tell you is to definitely keep doing what you are as far as being in contact with everyone on here, something I wish I would have already been doing. And as far as the technical pictures go I think I will just let you see for yourself at Worlds and I will post them later say…april 23?..lol. I cant give away everything…haha.Good Luck!

i am not saying you will be blocked by a sole block-bot. anything with a shove could block it.


diner kid is correct
any robot (not just a “wallbot”) that has a part protruding over the wall
and can go faster than you, they can block you
with our design, we can match your score and have the ability to block a dumper type robot
and its faster too (so you cant our race us)

How will u be able to block from people dumping all the balls out of the back of the ring? just saying…lol

I wouldn’t be able to stop you however i could feed you while you dump them all out of the ring then save 5-6 for the last 5 seconds and see how you deal with those. I also have 1 other way to stop this from occurring but i am going to save it for right now. I may have to use it at Dallas, you never know.


Dumping out of the back is half as efficient. Every time you dump out the back/sides, you only change the score by 5 points, whereas if you dump onto the other side, you change the score by 10 points. If you spend the whole match dumping balls out against a robot that’s a little worse than yours but can block, you’re most likely going to lose.

Exactly. What i was saying above is that the opposing alliance could do the exact same thing, dump out of the field, or feed balls on the other side any let you dump out of the field but they could save a few balls on their side or in a bucket and unload on you in the last 5 seconds and do a white ball exchange and you would end up on the side with 5 more footballs on it. I really wouldn’t recommend using the out of the field strategy unless you know something all of us don’t.


or unless someone on your alliance can do triangles
today at the BCIT competition we almost pulled that off
we were against team 721 and 2Z (massive orange ball scorers)
and we only lost by 8 points >.<
if only one of our bots didnt tip over!

I see what you are saying, it will be interesting! I guess thats where my partner comes in…lol! Cant wait to get to Dallas and see everyone’s bots though! Good Luck to you all and thanks for lookin at my videos and tellin me what you think!

Not quite… You were against 721 and 1700B. 2z can do triangles pretty well.

The strategy would work extremely well at worlds in playoffs though.

Which strategy? Triangles or dumping out the sides?

yes but we had our third pick robot on the field too
(didnt know why ours timed out 1 min into the match…)
ohh well
hope well play you again at worlds
(doubt it though)

the strategy we are talking about is BOTH dumping out and triangles
since the opponet cant take them out, if they clear their side onto yours, and you dump them out
the only ones left will be the greens in the triangles which counts AGAINST them

You have a great robot there! You can definitely expect me to stop by… How do deal with a smaller, faster robot blocking you? From the videos, it seemed like you were slightly slow, and some of those light omni-drives can zip around the field…

just a question…