Heading/Turning Problems in Coding

I am having difficulty with our headings. I know they are supposed to be exact but I have set and reset them and nothing has changed. the turns are not what they are supposed to be. Whenever I set the heading too 0 at the beginning of the program and tell it turn to heading 90 degrees it will do more or less. I am not sure how to fix this.

What’s the error ? 1 degree ? 20 degrees ?

What code are you using ?


I am using Vexcode IQ blocks

It is usually off by about 5-10 degrees

ok, I should have said please post the code you are using.

My assumption would be that perhaps you are just using a drivetrain “turn to heading” block, 5 or 10 degrees may be about as good as that will get, are you using a gyro or the internal IMU if you have IQ generation 2 ?