Heavy Duty Shaft Collars

Does anyone know what to do about the size of the new heavy duty shaft collars? They clearly won’t fit in the motor and they also don’t fit through the metal. What should I do if I want to use them for a motor?

Are you talking about the shafts or the shaft collars?

The heavy duty shafts will not fit into the motors. You would need to use the smaller shafts in the motors, then from there use gears or chain+sprockets to power anything on a heavy duty shaft.

You can “pin” or “trap” a heavy duty shaft between two faces of metal, each face having a heavy duty bearing screwed to it. This configuration will allow you to use the heavy duty shafts without cutting any holes through the metal.

See these links:

Of course, if you really must have the shaft pass through the metal, you can file or Dremel out a hole big enough to let the heavy duty shaft pass through. But be absolutely sure where your holes must go because you will eventually weaken your metal if you need to change the hole location multiple times.](https://vexforum.com/t/high-strength-shaft-installation/26765/1)