Hebug source for 228-2500-141 || 228-2500-246 || 228-2500-175 (descriptions below)

Can anyone tell me the Hexbug Robotics kit(s) that has these parts in them please? (May be three different kits)

228-2500-141 1x3 center lock beam
228-2500-246 1x4 crank arm with 23 tooth gear (really need this one)
228-2500-175 45 degree standoff connecter

I’m hoping when the VEX crew returns in a few days they will post the cross reference what kits have what parts for us. I’m sure the parts are in a manufacturing database some place since that is the kind of company VEX is. Would be super nice to get access to so I can find some of the exotic parts.

By the way, pro-tip, if you buy the cool new space craft and play with them with a grand child, don’t expect that you’ll be able to add them into your parts inventory. :slight_smile:


1st one is in super kit (they are typically black)

2nd is in a few places, motorized claw is one

3rd is in a few as well, tombstone being one

Thanks. My Superkit only has the 2x2 ones, I’ve most likely lost the others to kids. Found the claw arm, I “happen” to have an unopened claw kit. I don’t have any of the battle bots, since the mantra with the roboteers is “It isn’t Battle Bots”. I"ll keep looking for the 45.

The 1x4 crank arm with 23 tooth gear is nice to make a smaller claw. Maybe on the next revamp of the Superkit they can toss 4 in there.

Honestly, the 2 Hexbug Battlebots have some of the more interesting mechanisms for kids to learn… there were several Battle Bots at Worlds last year and meeting the young lady from Witch Doctor was a huge hit with some of the girls I know that attended. While I understand that teaching some of the youngest students to work cooperatively is not their 1st inclination, being excited about any robotics is a good thing!

Pretty cool that you got a chance to meet Andrea Suarez, Witch Doctor was one of my favorites in the show. Next time the pair go on sale I’ll grab them to peek inside. I’m working with 44 elementary teams and it’s super hard to get across to them that it’s not battle bots. And some of the parents too :wink: