Height of "lip" on field edge?

We are building a simulation of a side of a field, with a wall goal attached. We need to know one dimension that was not in the manual. In the picture below, we need to know the height of the circled tab - as measured from the surface of the field tiles.


Thanks in advance.

Irv Kalb, Team 3129A, the Green MacHHHHine

It measures to be 2.2" from the VEX CAD drawing.

I have attached the Autodesk Assembly of a panel for your reference.
_Panel-Assy.iam (67 KB)

The tab measures out at approximately 1.75" from the tile surface on a correctly assembled field (tile edges cut away).

Please check to see that your model has the foam surface recessed into the field perimeter. The perimeter should not be ‘sitting’ on the foam.

Parker Francis

Thank you Chris and Parker for your replies. The 1.75 inches is the measurement I was looking for. Some minor changes to our robot, and we’ll be good to go.