Height of Rings for Tipping Point

I was writing down the dimensions for the Rings in my notebook and I noticed that the Rings don’t have a height dimension. They just have 2 diameters. I also noticed that the rings are fairly donut shaped. So in theory the height of the Rings should be (diameter1 - diameter 2)/2 to find the dimension of one side of the Ring. The math I did was (4.125-2)/2 = 1.0625". Is this the actual height of the Rings? also could someone tell me the height of the Ring at it’s center and the height of the Ring at the edge? (Because it’s curved right?)
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Screenshot 2021-06-05 100136

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take a look at appendix A, where more specific dimensions are listed:


:laughing: I had no clue that was a thing. I could have saved myself so much time. Thank you!


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