Our robot’s height is just BARELY over the fifteen-inch limit for the robot height. Does anyone have ideas for how to reduce the height?

Some ideas
Lower mechanisms
Decrease ground clearance
Saw your robot in half (horizontally)

Also a photo would help


drop ur wheels like half a unit
also like @enothecool said pics would be nice

Yeah, a pic would be nice, but also what part of the robot goes beyond the 15 in limit? You can always use shorter parts or pieces to bring things within limit. If the arm, then you can put a beam or piece at block it from going past 15".

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You could try using an encoder if you are using an arm to keep yourself from using a mechanical stopper that might break easily. and doing so will allow you to keep the robot how it is and just change the height from the code. You even might be able to use bump switches above the arm/ lift. And if you are not using an arm and it’s still too high, then try moving the drivetrain up a couple notches.

The probably got it by now or this thread would still be active

if you have pillow bearings change them to normal, so your ground clearance is less.

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maybe in the base you could lower everything by one peg

yeah probably
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