Heights of lifts

What do people think that the hights of the lifts and stacks might be

9999999999 meters give or take

My lift is about 50". I think the average stack height will probably be around 10 - 15 cones

There have been a few threads were people have discussed when things get wobbly and start falling over. I would look in the Competition > VEX Robotics Competition > VRC In the Zone, not the official stuff. For example, look here: https://vexforum.com/t/dr4b-or-dr6b/41479/1

As for what lifts can manage, I just finished up some math on some common lift limits within the 18" cube at the end of this thread: https://vexforum.com/t/math-behind-6-bar-lift/41865/1

We are currently using 15 cones as our design goal, but may change that later on, if it proves to be impractical or overkill.

65" is the strategy goal for our team this year. So far we have a 5-stage scissor that reaches it, built this week and next we are going on to build a rd4b and elevator that will do the same. Summer and fall are the good times to test the limits of the games and try things out, unless your from Singapore ;). My guess is teams for the first half of the game will get three medium sized stacks, and for the last part of the game they will use their driver loads and the three stacks to make one to two “super stacks” For this 65" might even be short.

You are all neglecting the fact that the GDC wrote in that they may add cones for Worlds (and I think they will). If this happens, teams with taller than necessary lifts will reap the benefits.

But they can also reduce the amount of cones

Mobile or stationary goal? Right now my lift can get to about 16 on the mogo and 10 on the stationary goal.

Personally my only goal is to figure out how to carry a mobile goal with 12 things on it.

I don’t think that they are going to reduce the number of cones unless teams are actually awful all season. We need to prove to them that we need more cones, not less. Getting back on topic though, I think that stacking anywhere between 15-20 cones on stationary goals would be a good idea. It would really be helpful if you have the tallest lift and then can easily win the highest stack bonus. There are of course other factors when determining whether your robot is capable of getting the highest stack bonus and still win such as the speed of the lift.

Highly unlikely. Right now, teams need to stack one cone per six seconds in order to be on pace to clear the field. I could see teams getting closer to one cone per four seconds.

I think you’ll only need to get the hight to around 50" because you don’t need to get taller than that if you want to have all the bonuses

I would say on average in the later stages about 8 cones, although in reality there will probably be much higher stacks at around 12-14 cones and 0-4 cones for highest stacks. If you think about it, there are 10 different places where you can stack cones with 80 cones which makes an average of 8 cones.

Does that include scoring mobile goals? And I was just stating an idea. I don’t think it’ll happen. Another thought: They might not change it at all.

That does not include mobile goals. It’s hard to say how long those will take to deposit.

Mobile. Once we get the system for scoring on those, then we will see how the stationary goals work out, but 10 sounds reasonable.

If you can get about 50 cones, you are guaranteed a win, and the goal that goes in the 20pt zone might not be able to have significant number of cones on it. 50/3~= 17, and that is about the max we can stack right now. You cant stack more than about 23, so that is the maximum height you need. If VEX adds more cones, I think they would also add mobile goals.

We have a system to score the mobile goals that takes on a few seconds longer than driving over to the bar and is mostly passive and works with 16 cones. Only works for 10pt zone though.

I’m currently planning on kind of chucking an empty mobile goal into the 20-point zone. That pipe is pretty hard to put a stack over easily without having a very large mechanism. I should be able to drive over the smaller pipe and simply set down big stacks in the 10-point zone.

I realize this is a somewhat old thread, but I didn’t think that posting here would be “reviving a dead thread” or anything, so here I go:
What angle on average do most parallel 4 bar lifts reach when fully extended upwards in relationship to a line formed at the top of the towers parallel to the ground.
Also, what height does a normal 4 bar usually reach?
I have attached a picture in which the gray arc is the angle I am talking about, just fully extended and the green line is the 4 bar lift. How high would the lift reach if it was fully upwards?

lift model.png