Hello everyone

Hello and welcome to VEX!

Hello and welcome to VEX!


You can like www.facebook.com/vexteamvirus and if you’re a mentor/coach, can join the Vex World Coaches Association on facebook, too.

Hello, welcome to VEX!

Where are you from, and what team are you on?

I would recommend you join the VEX Teams of the World Discord. It’s the hub for the more social aspect of VEX

See if you can find communities for your region. For example, I run the VEX Teams of South Carolina Discord.

Good luck on your season!

hello and welcome to the forum i look forward to answering your questions and seeing your bot

Hello and welcome to VEX I look forward to help and evaluate your robot!

Hello, welcome to VEX! Feel free to ask questions, as well as answer others’ questions if you choose.

Hello and welcome to VEX! I too am new and I’m also willing to answer whatever questions I know the answers to.

hello! welcome to vex! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Hi, this is my first time on vex forum. Does any one have advice on if a claw stops working DURING a competition?

well, Its probably better to start a new thread for this, or find a preexisting one, but it depends on why it stopped working. if it fell apart, but it back together, and secure everything with nylocks. if it just dies, try replaced motors or motor controllers.

Thank you for the advice!!!

It could also be burning out. we had that problem with our first claw. We would hold the claw open and it would die by the time the match was half over. Too much strain on the motors.

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If you could answer questions 2nd Commander you would have helped fix my 4bar

Here’s a fun fact: Vex means

make (someone) feel annoyed, frustrated, or worried, especially with trivial matters.

This happens so much with any mechanism that EHS make unless it’s built by our local McGayvier also known as @robotguy

its McGyver no a and no i

Hi, welcome to vex!!!