Hello Guys!

Just figured I’d say hello,

I used to just browse, but now I feel that should become an active member of the community and have finally made an account.

A little bit about my self:

I’ve lived in 10 different houses, and I move every 2 or 3 years. I move a lot because My dad is in the Marine Corps. I play a lot on Steam, my user name is psn_mrlong12345 if you care to say hi. I’ve not been on a team over the last year, but I was the year before, and I’m joining one again (hopefully) very soon. I found one of talents is drawing (don’t laugh) MLPonies. That red Pegasi Wolf is of my own creation. I’m a hardcore mountain biker, I ride ~10mi a day. at my current rate, I’ll have ridden around the equatorial circumference of the earth (All the way around) by the time I’m 22.

Oh yeah, I can also standing backflips.

That’s pretty much all I can think that’s noteworthy and relevant right now.

So, again, Hi everyone!

Edit: the distance I ride daily is actually 10mi, my calculations were based on my course being 1/4mi, its actually 1/2mi.

Welcome to the VEX Forums! What VRC team/program are you part of?

I’m not sure of the team name and number yet. I’ll know the details by Sunday when I meet the group.

Welcome, I myself am a new member to Vex, but so far the experience was great. You should be looking foward to the years that come with Vex. Thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself, it helps me realize you are a real person, not just letters on my phone. Best wishes in the years to come!

Thanks! My first year was hard, I was the only real hard charger on the team, so I had to be the Designer/Modeler/Prototyper/Builder/Programer/Mechanic. I hope you’re more fortunate.