Help! All links are broken

Following the recent VEXCode update the old and even new links to are now broken.

For example, these links to V5 classes and specific methods, that used to work just a few days ago, are all returning 404 error:

Even when I copy and paste the URL for the individual help topics from the updated API they do not work either:

This is a problem, because it breaks forum and external links into V5 API that contains a lot of help and people are going to be reading and using it for many years of V5 product lifespan to come.

Please, switch back or generate old docs package, if possible, which may be easier than writing the script that redirects all old addresses to the new locations.

Thank you.


The API help system was overhauled as the old system was convoluted and difficult to read (unless you were experienced with base Doxygen outputs) and also had not been updated in almost a year.

The new system at will be maintained moving forward in a more sustainable way.

We’ll see what we can do about the old links, however continuing to point to old content is not advisable as it may be outdated compared to the current SDK.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to change large number of existing forum posts that have links into V5 API.


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