help and ask for help

hi can anyone help me by giving ideas for this years competition i have no experience and will like to have support all of team robonik is first years and dont have a lot of knowledge

Watch lots of YouTube videos and try to reverse engineer your bot.

Start with something simple. There was a clawbot discussion earlier that you can look up.

Do you have any mentors that know anything about VRC?

Yep look up “Vex in the zone reveal” on Youtube to see some robot ideas from the better teams out there. Make sure you’ve seen the game reveal as well so you know what to design a robot for:
And prototype lots of different designs to find whats best for you. Its ok if you don’t win a lot your first year, as long as you go to competitions you will learn enough to do better the next year. Good luck!

how about a non hydrolics of this

my school has no hydrolics right now but it a really good design

You mean “pneumatics,” which run off of compressed air pressure, rather than “hydraulics” which uses a fluid (oil) to transfer power.

ya i forgot what they were called but my teacher told me that they are basicly the same thing
could you help me by chance

You have already had some good advice – google “vex in the zone” and search YouTube using the same term. Lots of teams have revealed robots in this forum. Have you a built a basic clawbot? A scaled-up clawbot with a modified claw would actually be a pretty good robot for a rookie team.

10N is an experienced team from a VERY experienced club, and I would be reluctant to suggest that you try to achieve what they did in that video. You are likely to end up with a complex robot that doesn’t work very well.

Start simple and build from there. Most importantly, build SOMETHING that can score a cone and get to a tournament. One day at a tournament is work about a month in the classroom.

Good luck!

but i want to make a 10n with out pneumatics

Pick a robot you can see playing a real match and try to mimic that instead. If you’re prepared to listen then take this advice. Build a mobile goal moving robot first then add a SIMPLE cone scoring arm.

k how do i do that wat kind of arm could i use

Simple pivot arm (like the claw bot) or 4-bar linkage would be a good starting point. Don’t try to build a scissor lift or reverse double 4-bar linkage on your first robot! You don’t need linear motion to successfully play In The Zone. Google is your friend (who knows way to much about you). Look at past season RECF Educational Video challenge entries too, these are a great source of how-to information. Links to 2017 and 2015 below.

Agree with @_7682 - there are some simple designs that are revealed. And it is pretty appropriate for beginning teams.

You can consider looking at ALBA and 8059a (singvex). These are some examples of simple and yet competitive robots (for early or even mid season).

so whould i have to build the robot diferrently every comp

like take off some things add others?

to make it better?

It all depends on you.
But most teams will make improvements to the robots along the season. And of course, there are also teams that will rebuild an entire robot with a totally different design as well.

so just see how it plays out? ok

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