help and ask for help

what do u mean?

He is suggesting to check for any grammatical errors and any spelling errors within your posts.

The first thing I would do is read the VEX Robotics Competition Manual found here:
Once you’re done, usually we’d watch the Referee Training Videos to get a more visual explanation of what’s right and what’s wrong:
Another thing I’d prefer is that if you don’t have an understanding on things, search the forum. If you can’t find the item you’re looking for, join the VEX Teams of The World Discord server and ask the community for help. Since you are pretty behind, most questions have been answered, so I prefer you ask on a chatting server for a quick response in which most can be answered thoroughly now without hesitation. The main reason why I’d prefer not asking those questions on the forum is for the sake of not filling the forum with unnecessary posts that could’ve been answered on an instant somewhere else. Here’s the link to join the discord server: