Help before I try to return Robots, please

Hello! I am one of two adults who started a middle school robotics program this fall with VEX EDR robots. Right now, today, I am the most frustrated I have ever been trying to do anything at school. Can anyone suggest an easy way to get step by step instructions? I am watching the videos but they don’t answer all the questions. This is an afterschool group meeting one hour a week so far. We have our machines together and have hit a brick wall. I live in Las Vegas, NV if anyone out there is close and would spare an hour or two, I would really appreciate it. Our IT dept. is saying we didn’t download the firmware before we started and that is the problem. I have not idea what to do and just learned today that I have admin rights on my computer (we didn’t get told anything by anybody about anything! :slight_smile: ) If anyone can suggest ways to help this dilemma, I would more than appreciate it. Thanks!

Hi smiller,

We’re sorry you are having trouble with the VEX EDR system. If you continue to have issues, please contact our support team, as they will be more than willing to assist you! Their contact e-mail and phone number can be found on this page.

I can’t fully understand your post - but I am getting the impression that your microcontroller is not working. If the microcontroller is new, there are instructions that go with it that explain how to update the firmware. If you don’t have them, here is the link that explains how to update the firmware:

You also need to pair the joysticks to the microcontroller before anything will work. The instructions for that should be within the link I sent.

Sorry you are having this problem. I’m nowhere near Nevada, so I can’t come to you!

Can you elaborate more on what specific issues you are facing so the community can give better guidance?

Some local Las Vegas teams could probably help. Look at the teams tabs on these to find some local schools to find help. The contact info on each of the events might be a good place to start.

If you have registered a VRC team, go to and see your region’s school team contacts at these schools. There are a bunch of schools active in Vex in the Las Vegas/Henderson area.

If that does not work, find your local RECF representative. I’m not entirely sure who covers Nevada right now. They would be able to know who is active and helpful for you. I would bet it is probably from a school that hosted one of the events above,

I would have sent you to @tabor473 who is from Las Vegas but is currently hibernating at school in Worcester, Mass. It may seem like spring in NV, but it is still wicked cold in MA.

Nevada currently is without an RECF representative. The map shows it as one of the few empty areas. Hmmm, who do we know that could fit that opening :wink: Also we are mid a giant snow storm here in Worcester and I am very confused.

I would more than happy to help out in anyway I can though. If you clarify what is going wrong we should all be able to walk you through the necessary steps or I could ask my old middle school (Hyde park) or high school (clark) to help out in person if it is too complex.

That’s just springtime in Mass! Happy shoveling!