Help! - Brushless DC Motor Randomly Stalling

Hey all, I’m encountering a problem that I would love your help with:
I have a brushless DC motor rated (1.5v to 9v).
I’m feeding a range from 3.36v to 3.95v (see the video, wiring diagram, and motor specs below)
At seemingly random times, once the motor is turned off, it will not turn back on again. It doesn’t seem to correlate with how long it was last run, or the load it had. It never stalls while spinning, only once turned off.
The only pattern I can start to gather after hours of experimenting is that if it happens to stop spinning and the shaft is in a certain position, the likely hood of it starting back up, goes down drastically. There are two shaft orientations that seem to be a hang up. But…. Not always. Not every time the motor stops in those orientations does it stall. Only sometimes. The inconsistent nature and lack of pattern in this problem has me baffled.
The severity of the stall too, seems to be inconsistent. Sometimes to get the motor going again I only need rotate the shaft slightly our of the stall orientation and then apply power. Other times, this will not work and I have to apply power and manually rotate the shaft for several gentle but quick spins before the motor will begin to spin on it’s own. Other times I have to apply power and spin the shaft manually very quickly for 20 or more rotations before the motor will spin on its own, and it’s not an immediate take over… the motor will start to spin slowly and gradually accelerate to full speed.
Any ideas at what is causing this? This project is for a Halloween party I am throwing, and I plan to make 8 or so of these particular gadgets, but they need to work reliably without manually having to manipulate the motor in order to get it to work.
I would love any insight you might have. I am brand new to small electronics.

Here is the exact motor I am using:

Here is the motor issue live in a video:

Here is my wiring diagram:
Screenshot 2021-09-07 at 5.50.59 PM (1).png - Google Drive

I would think that’s a motor with brushes, not brushless.
Probably stopping at a point where the brushes are not touching the commutator plates, perhaps try a higher quality motor.


They are not brushless - they stop because brush is touching two poles happens after a bit of use on those motors - these are typically not used as motors but ‘generators’ in kidWind projects.