Help checking 6 Button Scuff Controller?

Hi, ok so after learning how to use OnShape I took a scuff controller design made public and edited it. I basically spliced and cut the two triggers placed by your pointer fingers so that they were two sperate buttons, and so that then let you press another button on the remote. I made this topic for a few reasons. I wanted to get help if anyone saw obvious errors I might have made, to hopefully avoid the need of a re-print, and finally so that if this actually ends up working that others could use this for their teams. The link to this project is here: Onshape
Any help is appreciated.


This looks great, just make sure that you have enough space for a screw and nut on the top clamshell attachment point, it looks a little cramped right now.


Thanks, I had made an attempt to cut part of that out because it directly cut into that hinge but I kind of forgot about the size restraints of the screws. I have gone through and both gave that more space and I also made the cuts on the two triggers more exact to one another. Here is the link: Onshape
I also plan to modify it more so that all 8 buttons can be used.

Looks better, but there still might not be enough room for a nut, either on the inside or outside. The cuts will also weaken the paddles, but there is enough room in between the paddles to thicken them up around the cuts on the other side.