Help clear out threads idea

ok i think i got an idea with helping with dealing with threads that r past due so no one is reviving dead threads. maybe if the creator of the thread had an option to close their thread whenever they want to maybe that will help threads not have ability to be revived @DRow

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You might want to change “treads” to threads in the topic title :grinning:

I think having the ability to close your own threads would be an amazing idea.

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yeah my glasses broke so im barely getting by with reading small print. thx

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is drow the person to do the updates on here. if not im taking the mention off. or is he at least part of that process

This won’t do much good for old threads that were started by users that no longer use the forum. The best course of action would just be to flag the thread for moderation.


Let me explain. So usually some threads close after a year of inactivity. U can change that to like 6 months of inactivity. And then u can implement my idea for everything after that

If that makes any sense

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Ok gotcha. Just speaking my mind.