Help connecting ROBOTC and EDR Vex Micro-controller

This isn’t actually an issue with an IQ, it’s an issue with the EDR Vex Micro-controller , but I didn’t know where to put it so I’, just putting it here.

Our Cortex’s arent receiving any commands, they simply set all motors, led’s, etc. to max power and don’t actually run the commands when we try and connect it to ROBOTC. We connect them with a USB cable, click download to robot, it opens the debugger, and when I turn the cortex on it just powers on everything and ignores all the code we’ve set up.

This can’t be a problem with our code because we’ve tested it with dozens of different codes, most of which from the sample code already downloaded with ROBOTC.

Please help.

#edr-technical-support would be the appropriate category for this topic.

Are you sure the program is downloading successfully?

Can you see that the cortex is connected to your computer (e.g., via the Windows devices menu)?

Is the firmware on the cortex up to date?

Thanks for telling me were to place it!

We’ve updated the firmware, and the Windows devices menu says that the controller is connected properly.

How would I make sure that the program is downloading correctly? There isn’t any error messages when downloading the code so I’m not sure were to start with this one.