Help, Controller Flashing Red every 5 seconds

We left our controller overnight charging by the means of a USB cable attached to a computer. When awaking the next morning to check the controller, We noticed that the controller when charging had a dark screen with no bright white LED lights like usual. Meanwhile, when not charging and no-longer attached to such cable, It flashed red every 5 seconds only briefly for it to display the white regular screen then resume back to the depressing red 5-second flashes. I’ve seen the responses to the other person who said they had a problem like this, The battery pack idea we’ve attempted it seems to not fix it, As well the battery charging icon that shows the battery level keeps on becoming random, sometimes zero, sometimes 100%, sometimes 50%, Is there a quick easy solution to this problem as we wouldn’t like to order another controller. It is a V5 smart controller and we’ve already tried resetting it through the back.

Try taking a screwdriver and pressing the reset button on the back of the controller.

Is it v4 or v5 controller

It is a v5 controller

We’ve already tried that.

Oh sorry i didnt see that last sentence, try hold the power button for a full cycle

Okay, Thanks, I seemed to have solved it, Aparrently when leaving it charging over night it doesn’t charge and the battery just dies, So I had to re-charge it to make the red blinking lights go away.

Yeah it does same thing on the v4 so that makes sense