Help, Controller Resetting

Whenever I try to turn off our v5 controller, it just turns back on again. It also will just turn back on again after using the reset button on the back. Also, when we just let it die yesterday it would try and come back on even though it was dead. We let it fully charge and tried to update anything, but the issue still persists. Any advice much appreciated.

It’s possible your power button is stuck, unless you take it apart and look you won’t know but i wouldn’t recommend doing that because you’ll probably mess up more than you fix lol.

Alright that’s a thought I had but like you said I dont feel confident opening the thing. Would this be something on my end I could fix or would it have to be sent back?

If you aren’t comfortable opening it I would recommend just sending it back to vex.

Okay, thanks for the advice

Do you hold the power button down for a few seconds to turn it off?

Yes, usually. And then it just turns right back on.

Does it turn on even if you keep holding the power button or only after you release it?

I believe only after I release it but I’ll double check that.

This usually happens when you have the controller connected to a computers usb port. You can just use a usb wall adapter instead.

Try pressing the battery to turn it on, and the button to turn it off, if the button were really stuck it would turn repeatedly on and off