Help downloading PROS

I have been having trouble downloading PROS for the vex cortex. I downloaded it before, but it did not work for vex. I would appreciate a direct link to where i can download it, or instruction to how I can change the settings or make it vex usable. Thank You.

Most likely you were downloading an old version. They’ve sort of moved around quite a bit. Here is their current website.

If this doesn’t work out for you, then you will probably need to post more details about what’s going wrong.

@Highwayman Ok, so I have downloaded the app straight off the website you gave me. I have a mac book and the app is called Atom(not sure why it is). I can open it, but it does not allow me to create a new PROS project or modify or do anything with it. Is there a package I have to install?

Ok, so I found the PROSE app and it works for me now. This is the link = ( Thanks for your help