Help For 2 Cortexs ...

Hello … i am having problems with two of our cortexs … both of them do the exact same and it isn’t the power source as it works with other cortexs …

this is what happens …

i plug in battery, turn on cortex and then both the VEXNET and GAME are red ?

any ideas would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Have you tried updating the firmware? If that didn’t work then I would use a paperclip and reset the cortex. There is a little button inside a whole the says either reset or configure or something like that.

Using the config button (press when powering by inserting the USB cable, see the cortex user guide) will put the cortex into bootload mode and allow installing master firmware.

When was the last time these two were used? Are you powering them standalone or are they tethered to a joystick? Are the leds solid or flashing?

right, they were last used by a team who abused all the kit and damaged alot of it, and basically, i get the lights when i plug it into a battery and USB, i will try the config stuff later 2morrow and see what i get :slight_smile:

thanks for the suggestions