Help for a new Robotics Teacher

Good Morning Everyone,

I’m a first year robotics teacher at a high school in Massachusetts. We’re using VEX 5 and VEX Legacy hardware. Was looking to see if there were any additional robot builds you all could share while I get familiar with the class.

We currently make the Tumbler and Clawbot with vex instructions. We’ve tried to do ping pong launcher and a stair climber. I like having students engineer on their own, but its also good to have some instructions for robots in the beginning. Any help would be appreciated!

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Hello, Welcome to the forum!

I would definitely have your students make the MOBY (this years current hero bot). It is a good beginner lesson on gear ratios and a two bar lift.

This page has some basic robots that would be good to experiment with.


The link that @N1kkiisaweom3 posted is very helpful for builds.
Below is a wiki developed by Purdue (and some other students) with helpful information about a lot of robotics and Vex as a whole. In the Remembering The Best section hosted by the Vex CAD project also has some other cool robots you can look at.


Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for the replies!

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You might also poke around the vex site, in particular: and