Help From A Teacher!

Does anyone here have an educational (.edu) email address who could send me an invite to the AutoDesk Educational Community, so I can obtain inventor and start using it to design my robot? All you would have to do is sign up, then send me a link. As it is summer all my teachers are not checking their emails, or are simply unwilling to sign up. I would like to learn inventor, but its pretty hard without the program at home.

AutoDesk Educational Community:

Registration page:

Information on sending me a link:

Formal Invitation:

Please help me join the Autodesk Education Community – a free website for students in engineering, architecture, and design. I can download free* student editions of Autodesk 3D design software, discuss projects, share work, find jobs, learn from the experts, and make new friends.

Faculty can participate in faculty-only discussion forums, explore Autodesk curriculum resources, share course ideas, and even download software.

But – you need a school email address to access this community and I don’t have one. As my professor you can provide me and your other students in my situation with access.

Here’s what you need to do:

  Register for the site at []( and log in.
  Go to [ to find out how you can grant access to your students who don’t have school email addresses
  You’ll get a special URL that you can distribute to students. We just need to click on that special URL, and we can immediately start downloading & learning how to use Autodesk software!

Thank you!

Thanks for the help!]( to find out how you can grant access to your students who don’t have school email addresses)

If you’re on a FIRST team, you can download any software through the first link on the web page.

  • Sunny

I am on a VEX team. Could you give me a direct link to the page you are referring to?

I can help you out but you haven’t put your email in your VEX account so I can’t send you an email. Help me out and send me an email to use.

If you could send me an email at, that would be awesome.

Thank you very much, it worked perfectly! I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, thanks again.

Good to see you got it working. If anyone else is looking to do the same and is on a FIRST team, then you can go here and download it as a member of FIRST.

I’d like to get a free version of some CAD software to get working on, but unfortunately I am not on a FIRST team (or any team robotics team, my school doesn’t have one). I’m going into 8th grade in a couple of weeks. Would it be possible for me to get a free copy, or can you not verify me as “student age”? Thanks!

you can get your tech teacher to help you register (with his school email) and forward the email back to you
that way you will have access to everything
if not, why not try google sketchup?
its free to begin with and also simple to use
it is very welcoming to beginners although if you want to get professional later on, it will not be complex enough

Due to budget cuts in NJ (Govenor Corzine’s fault) we have no school sports for grades 7-9, now our High School has no principal or vice principal (nonbody in charge basically) and lots of teacher are being fired. My old tech teacher was just fired to be replaced by his supervisor, so I don’t really know him. At all. Anyway, I wasn’t sure he would know what I’m talking about because the only kind of robotics we do in that school is Lego robots.