HELP! I need advice!

I’m debating whether or not to change my wheels gearing to speed but the only problem is that my robot weighs 20 pounds with batteries and everything. If someone could help me with the choice of changing the motors gearing to speed or leaving them for torque I would be grateful.

-4 393 motors
-4 mecanum wheels

Don’t do it. 20 pounds is on the edge of weight to work with high speed. It will probably work but may die frequently, ultimately costing you matches.

High speed on mecanum wheels is just a nightmare. You will not be able to strafe. You will break all your motors. (we tried this last year).

If you want speed, trim weight where you can and switch to a normal tank drive. Otherwise, keep the torque.

I agree on most of it if u turn to high speed ur motors will be dropping dead on the match almost every single time.

I defer with you though on the mecanum wheels nightmare. we have a robot with mecanum wheels on high speed and it works really fine. never stops or anything. Although I add It is pretty light. soo the weight is minimum.

Look for a way to make the robot lighter, and instead of turning ur motors to high speed work a drive transmision to make it go faster without stressing the motors more.

That may be why my drive was failing but I had a 6 motor high speed on a 20lb robot… but I think it was other reasons… like the way I had my chain rubbing… because only one side was failing…

In my experiences with a high speed drive with just 4 393 and mec drive on a just a STABLE base, it can take the weight of a person and it doesn’t stall.

^that is just idea of what it can take by it self. I haven’t tried strafing yet nor using it via Vex Net (if that matters) It just a robot that’s a work in progress.

There is advantages and disadvantages from using high speed 393, but if you think your base is stable you should try it (if there is time) and see if its better for you.

Alright thank you I will run test with both speed and torque to see the pros and cons of each and I will decide then. I figure it is best to try than to never know.