Help I need to make a rotating claw

Help I need to make a rotating claw and don’t know how to make one if someone could please help me

For starters, if you need help, what axis do you want the claw to rotate in?

Y axis I think I need to make it tilt

Axis is based upon relativity. Im not sure what you mean by Y-Axis. Do you want the claw to rotate in yaw, roll, or pitch in relevance to the arm?

I want it to move up and down

So you want the arm to move up and down? That’s different from rotating the claw


Well first off, change your cartridge in the motor from green to red.

How do u do that 20 characters

I want the claw 20 characters

I do not believe that is our first priority to making a claw rotate up and down (or pitch). We first need a mechanism that is stable and study enough, then we can change and manipulate gear ratio once we are confident in what we have. If you search the VEX Advanced Clawbot you can see a good example of arm manipultion, but there are also more and different examples on the forum and internet.

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Ok I’m gonna try that


Here is my claw that I am using

Well you see, the whole point of those small gears in the middle is to produce torque. You should move the motor so that it powers one of the small gears rather than the big gear. More torque = more power (for gripping)


To make it rotating, you should attach the claw to something attached to a shaft that is connected to a motor (or gears that create a gear ratio- one of the gears has to be connected to a motor). Some teams use the VEX turntable for this.

Ok I got something sort of working but it doesn’t rotate enough my bot is at my school or I would put up a picture

Ok that is very helpful

what u need it to rotate for @Kaden ??

You can do what @LilTree said and also replace 3 12T with a single 36T gear. That will have less friction and work better.

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