Help! I think I'm in love with my robot!

Guys this is a serious problem, I think I’m in love with my robot:

-She’s all I ever think about.
-I don’t ever see her imperfections; I see her as perfect and ignore any of her flaws.
-I spend hours caressing her and talking to her.
-To me she seems like the most beautiful robot in the world, every other robot is filled with ugliness.

Is it normal to be in love with your robot? Have any of you guys experienced this? If it is normal, do I have a future with her?

Thanks in advance!

That’s a good thing!

That’s not so good, as no matter how good your robot is it can always be improved.

Well, that’s a bit, weird. Does she at least respond back?

At least if you are asked to write something using personification you have an idea! :slight_smile:

same except i do see the imperfections in my robot, somehow to day 2 out of my 4 motors on my lift died, idk what happened but that will be for the next day! :cool:

Love is not blind, you see. If you are blind to your robot’s issues, it is simply infatuation and not love. Infatuation leads to nothing except broken hearts, fried cortexes and twisty drive shafts.

In the best scenario, the best future you could have with your robot is to attend your state/provincials and possibly World Championship, but it requires you address your robot’s flaws (everyone’s robot can be improved) because love is a two way street. You put your time and effort into the relationship and make an effort to fix anything that can possibly be improved on the robot (which can include driver practice) and the robot will help take you amazing places.

A relationship between you and your robot would be extremely unhealthy for both of you. The pain and heartache may be too much to bear in the long run. Allow me to explain:

  1. She cannot commit to you.
    In a competition, she is going to run around with new alliance partners EVERY MATCH. She can’t really connect with them (or with your controller) if she’s fully committed to a relationship, and the guilt may cause anxiety and distraction during matchplay. It could also cause tension between you.

  2. You are stuck in a dilemma between competition success and her self esteem.
    She has imperfections. Things you should probably change before your next tournament. If you remain blind to this, you will likely lose in a tournament, and she will feel like she has failed you. However, if you are constantly giving her plastic and metal surgery, you will crush her self-esteem. Was she not good enough?

  3. You are in complete control of her.
    … all the time. You hold the transmitter and write the programs that dictate HER EVERY MOVE. She is going to feel like your slave. This is not a healthy way to live in a relationship, and one of you is going to want out before long.

  4. Your love is doomed.
    Unless you have a VERY large sum of money to spend on VEX, you’re going to have to tear her limb from limb at the end of the season- she will be no more. You have the option of winning worlds and getting a sponsor or a tech company to buy her and keep her together, but you’ll still have to separate (and selling her as property goes back to the slave problem)…(winning Worlds is also very difficult). And even if you do have the money to keep her around, you’re gonna have to replace her next year with a new robot. She will be forgotten, and sit alone in your cold garage waiting for you to turn her on again, while your new robot captivates you all the same. And the same vicious cycle repeats.

I’m sorry, friend, but you and your robot have no future with each other. I hope for your sake she is not a scissor lift… they make the craziest exes.

Your iPhone is jealous.

Your wireless printer is heartbroken.

Your Kindle is inconsolable.

Your robot suggests you schedule an appointment with his psychotherapist.

HaHa, good joke! :smiley:

Same! I think it’s time to confess your everlasting love to your mechanical girl. Go fer it champ!

What did I just read… and why is this in unofficial tech support… rather than chit chat…

But… this forum is way too grave… we need some fun like this.

Learn to move on, man. You will find better robots than her for sure in college!

End this relationship while you still can. Before you now it it’ll be the end of the season and you have to build a new robot for the next season and you’ll fall in love with a new robot and its and endless cycle! D:

P.S Be careful with all of caressing (She’ll cut you)
P.P.S My robot is quite beautiful thank you very much. My mother said so. Ne ner N ner