Help identifying VEX model and instructions needed

Hi everyone.

My son was given this set a few years ago but never opened it and lost the box. He is now old enough to build it and interested but I have no idea where to start. Can anyone help with identifying this model? Pic attached. I think it might be a Hexbug model but I don’t know which one and can’t identify it on the Hexbug page from the building instructions.

Any guidance would be most appreciated!

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Does this kit have any motors or electronics, by the icon on one of the packets I would like to say the hexcalator Link, however the pieces in your kit are red.

All build instructions are on the hexbug website: Link.

Good luck and hopefully you find the instructions.


Could be the Ambush Striker:


Thanks so much Kaelem. It came with a separate motor. I don’t think it is the hexcalator, as the parts list doesn’t match.

Thanks for the help!

Yes! Thanks Chris, I think that is it!

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